Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wishlist: 27th February 2013

2013?! I still can't believe we are in 2013 and I haven't posted a wish list. I've had so much work to do this semester that I have had no time what-so-ever to genuinely decide what I want to buy. I've also had some big budget buys (like my T in the Park ticket) so I've felt really guilty buying anything at all! So here it is, my first official wish list of the year!

Principles by Ben de Lisi Black and White striped skirt: I don't often buy clothing from Debenhams and especially not from the 'Principles' range. I know it is generally intended for the 'slightly older, more sophisticated lady' but I saw this skirt in the window in Debenhams and fell in love! It is so Beetlejuice (who is my alter ego of course) and prim and proper. I could imagine it looking lovely with a nice blouse and heels (like those pictured above perhaps?). If I got this skirt I would make people say my name three times and that would get annoying but I'd do it anyway because I would literally be Beetlejuice. Did I mention that vertical stripes are incredibly flattering?

Monki Alexandra Scarf:  I have a thing about scarves at the moment and when I found Monki on the internet I fell in love with some of their accessories. Prices are pretty affordable and they have some interesting pieces. I love this scarf but it seems a bit too winter floral for me. I think if I buy any new scarves soon they'd probably be more summery considering March is just one week away! This doesn't stop me pining over this scarf though.

Missguided Fermina Suede Heeled Sandals:  My housemate showed me these and I fell in love! We both want them, which may be a problem, but we'll just have to make sure that we don't wear them at the same time otherwise we'll look like losers from the 00's that wore matching outfits because it looks 'cute'. Usually I am against shoes/sandals that have ankle detail because they cut your feet off from your legs but considering that these are in Nude I should get away with looking chic and not shriek-tastic because it looks like someone has cut my feet off and stuck them back on with duct tape.

Tom Odell - Long Way Down: Since I saw Tom Odell at The Brits I have been listening to his songs on Youtube almost non-stop. I can't believe I haven't heard of him sooner! I will definitely buy his album once it comes out and you can pre-order it from Amazon now. Actually, I might listen to it on Spotify first....I don't want to waste money on an album I don't like and I do that way too often (sad but true).

Churches - Recover: I heard this song on Radio 1 on Sunday whilst I was driving back to uni and have been listening to it ever since. I am seriously close to buying this single on iTunes - that is how much I love it! I can't wait to see these guys at T in the Park (along with Tom Odell and Mumford and Sons!!!!!) and they seriously need to come play Norwich because they are playing London during exam season and I can't deal with that.

Revlon Grey Suede Nail Varnish: I saw this shade in Boots in January and was going to buy it whilst it was £5. My flat mate told me to get another colour (which ended up being the same as another I already had and was the same as the one Revlon sent me themselves!) so I now have three versions of the same nail varnish - go me! However, I still love this colour and apparently Jessie J wore this very colour to The Brits! Well, that doesn't make me want it more but it makes me feel good that I found it before Jessie J did and that I am obviously fashion forward when it comes to colours (or not).

That's my wish list! I'll update if I managed to get any of this stuff. Considering the prices, I assume I will not unless I want to live on pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a couple of weeks (that is not going to happen).

Rachael xxxxx