Saturday, 26 October 2013

AW // Evening dress edit (featuring River Island, Matalan, Very and Sainsbury's)

I'm currently freaking out over the fact that I currently have three lab reports due in and a test in four days so I have used it as an excuse to procrastinate and look at the what is to offer on the high street. Today I have focused on dresses! My birthday is coming up in two weeks and shortly after that it'll be Christmas so I think I'm allowed to look at some of the gorgeous dresses I'll probably never own. These are my top picks for A/W.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Instagram Update #9

Hello everyone!
Here is another update. It looks like, pretty soon, my blog is just going to end up as Instagram updates of my life. The thing is, it is so quick and easy to post a photo on Instagram and I still have no SD card and I hate taking proper blog photos on my phone - simple as. I can't do any OOTD because I don't have a full length mirror OR any extra time in the morning to sort out a camera with tripod etc. With three 9am starts and 2 10 am starts I already have to leave the house before 8/9 most days. Let me tell you - it's not easy sorting out an outfit in the morning! I only have a small mirror on the wall so I have to stand on my bed and adjust my outfit every morning. If I leave my curtains over one morning I bet any passers-by would be in fits of laughter - it has to be a sight to see!

Anyway - here's my update!

it's definitely sweater weather / such a cute book / thorpe park / full beam / polymer chemistry rocks / the fur is back

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Review // Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipstick 01

Hi everyone!

It is proving very difficult to do uni work, blog and rehearse for my Norwich Fringe show coming up on Thursday. Luckily, I managed to write this post in the 15 minutes before a lecture and take photos on my iPhone. I'd have taken proper photos but - as I said earlier I'm sure - I am currently without an SD card and I just want to wait until I go home in a couple of weeks to search the house for my old one (that could be in the vacuum cleaner for all I know). So yeah, excuse the quality of the photos. I tried my best....


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Instagram Update #8

The 1975 were amazing / learning lines / t-shirt / Kate Moss 01 / cheeky cheeky nandos / the 1975 were that good okay?