Saturday, 22 February 2014

Instagram Update #13

This has been long overdue - I know. I guess this is what second year chemistry does to you. I have not stopped since the semester has started and now I've just finished week 6. I've had lab reports coming out of my ears, rehearsals for the Headlights end of year showcase, I've been trying to eat a little more healthily and be exercising three times a week, I've had to sort out my year abroad stuff, internships - basically everything! Oh, and there is keeping up with lectures and tutorials too. I've currently got two lab reports on the go but due to my living in the library for the past week I'm giving myself a little breather (I think the first report is almost done now anyway!) so here is my first post in about 3 weeks. Ergh, I'm a terrible blogger!

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Models Own Sale Haul!

As many of you know, Models Own have had 50% off of all products on their website (excluding gift sets). I couldn't help but take advantage and I am just a little bit proud that I managed to stop at just 6 new varnishes. I could have bought at least 12!

I felt a little silly ordering new nail varnishes considering I haven't painted my nails since last summer. It takes forever for nails to dry and I feel so guilty spending an hour painting my nails when I could be working. However, now I've gone back to painted nails I don't know how I didn't paint them for so long. It looks so much better!

Anyway, here are the varnishes I picked up in my haul!