Wednesday, 9 July 2014

WISHLIST // Black, white and burgundy

I'll be honest with you. My online shopping first began by trying to find a sale wish list. I spent a good hour or so traipsing through the remainder of the Topshop, ASOS, H&M, River Island and Dorothy Perkins website and actually only found one item I loved enough to put on a wish list. I then looked at the new arrivals and - oh look! - it's all black, white and burgundy. I think my brain is telling me I'm ready for Autumn but I haven't even been on holiday yet!

Cardigan in a mohair blend: How luxe is that cardigan? Well, you would expect it to be when it costs £50. I have a thing for maxi cardigans and I absolutely love this one. Surely cold lecture theatres is a good enough reason to buy it (it really isn't...but it should be).

Dark red leather-look mini skirt: I live in my black leather skirt and I think I need to add this dark red one to my collection for winter. They work day and night and I'm loving the colour. At £25 it is a pretty reasonable price! It's tempting...very tempting.

Black and white stripe bandage midi skirt: I saw this skirt in store on Monday and it's so beautiful. It's made of a a really thick, stretchy elastic and feels a really good quality too. So much love.

Dark red chunky platform chelsea boots: I had a pair of chelsea boots last year from Topshop that broke in 6 weeks so I gave in and bought chunky chelsea boots from Doc Martens to replace them (which I adore and wear way too much!) I kind of want a pair to wear along side my docs so I don't wear them out too quickly and I love these! I already have black chunky boots so the dark red is a nice change. They look uber comfy too!

Longline duster coat: I have been loving the duster coat trend from the beginning. I'd buy myself one but I recently came across a longline vintage mac in my shed so didn't see the point in getting another similar coat. However, I tried this one on in Topshop on Monday and words cannot express how gorgeous it is. I almost bought it there and then had it not been for the price tag. £50 and it would have been mine. £79? Not so much.

Dogtooth cigarette trousers: I bought a pair of jacquard trousers last year that I lived in. I want a new pair of cigarette trousers this year and love these! They are so different but simple but still in your face at the same time. Sigh.

Lilac feather cross body bag: do I need a lilac feather bag? No. Is a lilac feather bag practical? Hell no. Do I still want a lilac feather bag? Of course I do - it's a freaking lilac feather bag!

Pink abstract silky scarf: I love scarves. Considering it is early july I didn't feel that I could put a wooly scarf on my wish list so I compromised and added this silky one. It looks like such a beautiful pattern and surely a girl can never have too many scarves right?

Petite mesh skater dress: I hate that this dress is part of the petite range. I'm not that tall but I doubt it would be long enough! It reminds me so much of THAT dress Emma Stone wore during her rap battle on Jimmy Fallon (See it here if you haven't seen it or just want to relive that beautiful event) and I want one. Come on DP - bring it out in your main range please!

So that's this week's wish list! Surely I'm not the only person looking at A/W 14 already? Let me know!

Rachael xoxo


  1. I can't help but be drawn to A/W clothes either! I'm going on holidays, and the majority of my clothes are black and white. Drawn to monochrome insane amounts! Can't wait for Autumn to come now though :) Love this wishlist with you, especially the coat and boots!

  2. Absolutely love the duster coat. Really wish it would hurry up and be autumn!

    Tilly Enn// A beauty and fashion blog

  3. I got some dogtooth leggings exactly like that in the Topshop sale for £11 - love them! x

  4. So much love for this wishlist! Seriously lusting over the coat, cardigan and leather skirt x x

  5. Love the dogtooth trousers!!