Wednesday, 2 July 2014

WISHLIST // I don't do Summer

I cannot be the only person in the world who is already over Summer right? Sure, it has just started but my summer styling is just not up to par in my opinion. I love Autumn and Winter where I can pile absolutely everything on at once. At the moment I'm having to really think about what I wear and if it goes with that top. There are only so many hot days and so many t-shirts, blouses and skirts to wear. It's always such a pavlova (haha pavlova - I'd love some right now!) trying to decide what to wear. Does anyone else feel this pressure? You're right - it's probably just me. 

Anyway, here's my wish list for this week. I've tried to add a few summery bits here - really, I tried!

ASOS Large Dial Stripe Strap Watch: How preppy is it? I love it! From the Jack Wills/Tommy Hilfigereqe strap to that large, gorgeous face I am in love. I need a new watch for work (and general use of course) but I don't see the point in spending much on a watch because I don't wear them for 2 days minimum a week once uni starts in September. This watch is lovely though - a girl can tempt herself can't she?

Black triple strap chunky sandals: I hate sandals on a general day to day basis unless I am wearing them with tights/socks. I have recently bought a couple of pairs for my holiday (I really can't wear my Docs in 30 degree heat can I?) and whilst browsing on the New Look website saw these beauts. I am loving  a nice heel right now but the chunky platform makes them look uber comfy. Oh - and buckles. Two buckles (good).

MOTO bleach ripped MOM shorts: I've wanted a pair of shorts like this for so long. I love rips! Unfortunately, I don't even think running 5k a day will make these fit before my holiday in two weeks. Such a shame - too much pavlova got me into this situation in the first place!

Wanted On Voyage - George Ezra: This is SUCH a good album. Go listen to it now - it is fantastic. I love his voice and the whole album is so summery - I feel like I'm on a steamboat when listening to it (and I wouldn't want to be on one of those in the Winter!) However, it's easily an album I'll listen to in the Winter - it's brilliant!

Checked Slacks: I've wanted a pair of trousers like this for absolutely ages. They are so wintery but I love them insane amounts. They are in the sale and still in my size. I don't know if they would fit and postage is almost half the price of the trousers. Apart from that (ew, postage) it is so tempting!

Rose and lily garland: I've been looking at this particular hair garland for so long now. Every time I pop into a Topshop that has it I have tried it on, loved it, and put it down again. I've had three separate people say it looks gorgey and that I should buy it but it is £16! I could really only wear it Reading Festival (which I'm working - exciting stuff! Let me know if you are working Reading Fest too!) but then I have the whole argument of 'it's so pretty' versus 'it's a £16 headband - do you really want to ruin it at a festival?'. The answer to that is no....which is why I still don't own it.

So that's this week's wish list done. There is so much loveliness in the shops this summer. How is a girl ever going to decide what to get?

Rachael xoxo

(All photos collected from each respective company's website)


  1. I strongly dislike summer. I don't like being warm and I wear lace shorts with bare legs in the winter to balance my body temperature - who needs sun?!
    I love those shorts and the checked trousers.
    Great picks!

    1. It's just too much effort some of the time! I'm glad I'm not the only one at least!

  2. Ahhhh love your picks! From watch to shoes...perfection!

  3. Love the items, although I do love summer! The watch is wonderful!

  4. Love the watch and the shoes!

  5. I'm beginning to get over summer too but for a different reason.. I'm ginger with super pale skin so the sun frazzles me haha! There's no way that I could live in a country that is hot all the time. I absolutely love the watch you've posted!

    1. I know what you mean! It's so much easier to stay pale - the effort I go through to try and find a summer foundation/tinted moisturiser is ridiculous. I'm surprised (but surprisingly happy) that the weather has been so lovely for so long!

  6. suuuuch a cute watch!!

    <3 emma

  7. I love the watch and the shoes!!! Just followed u on Google + cause I love your blog :) if you don't mind check out mine & maybe follow back? :)

  8. I'm hating summer too! Especially for fashion, all my bookmarks are tabs of duster coats and jumpers haha. Love those checked trousers and shorts! xx

    Tilly Enn // A Beauty and Fashion Blog

  9. Love the sandals! I don't do summer either, I can't stand it. Luckily its winter here. I'm not looking forward to summer though, every year Australian summers are getting hotter and hotter. We had several days of heatwaves last year where it got to 47°C and close to 100% Humidity. I thought I was going to die!
    Great post though, great pieces and thanks for the comment on my blog :) x


  10. I do see where you come from! I'm on the contrary - I could still use a little more warm weather! nonetheless, still love your finds!


  11. Summer weather is so not my thing - shame, since I live in California.

    x Justina //

  12. great wishlist <3
    especially the watch and the shoes

  13. Summer weather isn't for me either--boots are my favorite, so I miss wearing them when it's warm out! And I adore the chunky sandals and checked slacks--I could definitely see myself wearing those! And thank you for checking out my blog! I just followed on GFC and I can't wait to see more posts! I would love for you to keep up with mine too!

    Maggie D. xx